According to Forbes Magazine, one of the main tourist attractions in Sri Lanka is its wildlife and Yala National Park is the most visited wildlife Park in the island. If you visit this park you can see birds, leopards, elephants, sloth bears, jackals, peacocks, and crocodiles, also experience a range of forests, scrubs, lagoons, tanks and grasslands as well as a jeep safari to the Yala National Park will present you with thrilling experiences of crashing monkeys on trees, peacocks dressed in their finest frocks and best of all, cunning leopards sliding quickly through the landscape. Absolutely the safari will bring you a remarkable experience.

Things To Do

Jeep Safari

Observe the Wild Life

Sightseeing Jungles, Rivers etc..

Places To Visit

Yala National Park

Transport Details

Hotel - Tour - Drop (Start at 6.30 a.m)