Colombo is the commercial and business center of Sri Lanka located on west coast. The city blends together with old colonial type building, high-rise commercial buildings and hotels. This very city was ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British. During the era this was a major port on the east-west trade routes. There are many ancient colonial time places and many modern places in this City. And also the golden-sand beach is not too crowded, despite its proximity to the city. Negombo is popular for Kite and windsurfing, a busy resort and the next nearest beach to Colombo.

Things To Do

Shopping at Colombo City

Visit Gangarama Temple

Visit British Colonial time places

Leisure at Galle Face Green

National zoological gardens

Places To Visit

Independence Square

National Museum

National zoological gardens

Gangarama Temple

Galle Face Green

Viharamaha Devi Park

Transport Details

Hotel - Tour - Drop

AirPort - Tour - Drop

Hotel - Tour - AirPort