Kitulagala is a beautiful little town located in a wet zone rain forest. It has the Kelani River running through and it experiences two monsoons every year. Kitulgala is a nice place for those people who want to take a break in the lap of the mountains. Because of that this area makes it best location for adventure sports like water rafting. Bird watching and exploring ancient caves is some of best traveling experience you can have in this area. As well, several movies have also been shot in the place of Kitulgala such as ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’, most famous of which is David Lean's award winning classic. In spite of the nature, ' Movie lovers can visit the place to enjoy the original location where the movie was shot. Absolutely, Kitulgala sits prettily among the low waving hills carpeted by lush vegetation.

Things To Do

White Water Rafting


Confidence jump

Birds Watching

Belilena Archaeological Cave

Trekking and Hiking

Places To Visit

Belilena Cave


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